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Entrepreneurship in India is on the verge of explosive growth. This also throws new opportunities for the eco-system to take shape. Angel investors, venture capital, media, startup clubs, service providers, mentors and training companies are going to grow. And one important cog in the wheel is the incubator – the place where startups are born. When a baby is born, he/she is kept in the incubator for first few hours and maybe days – this gives them a chance to adjust to outside environment, and grow stronger before they face the outside world! In a similar way, a startup is incubated in Incubation Center, which gives them a chance to bring their business in shape, before they reach out to the world.

"START UP INCUBATOR" is a collaborative program design to help new start up succeed.Incubators help entrepreneurs solve some of the problems commonly associated with running a start up by providing "WORK SPACE", "SEED FUNDING" "MENTORING""TRAINING" and few others which are listed below. The sole purpose of incubator is to help START UP  to grow their Business.

"Business incubation is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people designed to nurture new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development."

Start up "INCUBATOR" services which we are offering?

  • Help with Business Ethics.
  • Networking Oppourtunities.
  • Marketing Assistance.
  • Accounting/ Financial Management Assistance.
  • Access to bank Loans,Loan Funds and Guarantee Programs. 
  • Helps with presentation skills.
  • Connections to strategic partners.
  • Access to angel investors and Venture capital.
  • Comprehensive Business training Program.
  • Advisory boards and Mentors.
  • Management Team Identification
  • Helps with Business etiquette.
  • Technology Commercialization assistance. 





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