Get membership @ 999 per month in yoffice Business center.


YOBARTER  we are offering our services virtual office & meeting rooms membership yearly or, monthly per hour basis in DWARKA / BHIKAJI CAMA PLACE / PARAS TRADE CENTER GURGAON in barter against product & services of our choice as offered but not in all locations . yoffices  is a mangogroup company & we have strong presence in BARTER INDUSTRY as we have our group company operating in barter by name of BARTERBAZAR.IN that why we have flexibility approach, open thoughts process for start up so that they have VAS services while they feel operating through us they can do lot of cost cutting and stop cash burn what they currently doing if they have using our barterbazar services & strength to do so. YO BARTER SERVICES IS DECIDED ONLY OUR A CUP OF TEA WITH MANAGEMENT OF YOFFICE TEAM & CLIENT WHO OPT FOR IT.

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Location B 23,Somdutt Chambers 2
Bhikaji cama Place,New Delhi-110066

Head Phone +91-9999955847

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