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Yoffice is a brainchild of a 10 yrs of commercial leasing background company by name of Propertysensex which have done more than 5000 lease across india infra rollout for banks,retail,multiplex,insurance company offices ,restaurants branches&outlet openings with that experience we launched Yoffices an offices space operators to fill up gap between landlord with vacant furnished or raw spaces to economically viable business Center seats for customer to occupy shared workspace at low cost with more options under Yoffices network of offices.we are not tenants but we have lot of tenants with ready to take seats from us we have revenue share arrangements with landlords who want to coverts their property into rental returns . Yoffice objective is    To act as an mentor for start up as lot of value added services like media support from barterbazaar hiring support from jobmoney and IT support in barter . We can take equity in start ups if business appeal us. Looking forward for a cup of tea with us.YOFFICE IS A PLATFORM LAUNCHPAD FOR START UPS TO START WORKING WITH US WHERE YU WILL GET FULL SUPPORT FROM YOFFICE TEAM AS AN ACTIVE INVESTORS IN YUR BUSINESS .

The Yoffice provide fully serviced & furnished, plug & play offices in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, confirming to global standards. We offer flexible tenures ranging from a few days to even years together. Ranging from small capacities (5 seats/15 seats) up to large capacities (70 seats), we have cabins of various sizes.

Be it a 1 person start-up or a 100 person team, size doesn't matter at Yoffice.All clients get solutions that are tailor-made for them and can avail of the same world-class infrastructure.Yoffice is the India's largest provider of flexible workspace, able to meet the needs of large corporates and small businesses alike.For several years now, the pressure on businesses of every size in every sector and every country has been to manage risk, maximise their financial resources, and increase their flexibility to accommodate growth and adapt to market changes.

At the other extreme, with small businesses or start-ups, survival and viability often depend on effective control of overheads. For companies such as these, Yoffice provides all the services and facilities they need with none of the fixed costs.

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